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Eye See You Celebrates Vision Health Month

Over the last three years, the Eye See You campaign has informed and educated Canadian audiences about the importance of vision health.  Evolving out of a growing recognition that, with a nationally ageing population, the prevalence of vision loss in Canada is increasing.  This public awareness campaign aims to encourage discussion amongst Canadians, while increasing awareness on the importance of patient empowerment and physician autonomy.  By gathering insights, building awareness and stimulating action on health issues that matter to Canadians, the Eye See You campaign continues to mobilize and advocate for vision health.

Vision Health Month in May represents another opportunity to build upon the ‘Eye See You’ discussion and further reinforce that vision loss can happen to anyone, at any age.  Joining Canadians across the country in this conversation is an occasion to discuss the many factors that impact vision health and enable healthy ageing.


Eye See You ensures that the conversation this year and every year includes topics including improved patient education, affordable comprehensive screening and treatment and the critical role of a physician to be able to determine the safest, appropriate and most effective treatment for each patient. Treatment decisions are not decisions for government but rather a conversation between the patient and their physician and based on sound scientific evidence to optimise functional outcomes.

Visit to learn more about the work and access vision health resources from Eye See You partners.

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