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Webinar Series on Older LGBTQ2 People: Housing and Home Care: An Older LGBTQ2 Person’s Perspective

“Housing and Home Care: An Older LGBTQ2 Person’s Perspective” was the latest webinar in a series created to address the inequalities of older LGBTQ2 people around the world.

Moderated by Mr. Kelly Kent, Director of National Housing Initiatives at SAGE, with presentations by Dr. John Ecker (Affiliate Researcher, Centre for Community and Educational Services, University of Ottawa and Director of Research and Evaluation, Canadian Observatory on Homelessness) and Dr. Andrea Daley (Director and Associate Professor, School of Social Work, York University).

The purpose of the webinar was to discuss the fundamental importance of safe and affordable housing and home care for an ageing LGBTQ2 population. Inclusive housing practices, cultural competency training for home care workers and service providers, and resilience among older LGBTQ2 people were just a few of the themes addressed throughout the webinar.

The IFA appreciates the participation of all those interested and working towards improving the health and well-being of older LGBTQ2 people around the world.  The next webinar in this series will occur in April 2018, with more details coming soon.

If you have any additional questions or concerns, please contact Ms. Hannah Girdler.


Webinar Materials
Click here to access the recording for this webinar.
Click here to access the presentation slide deck.

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