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The IFA’s goal is to be the global point of connection and networks of experts and expertise to influence and shape age-related policy. For this purpose, the IFA encourages its members to engage in thoughtful and respectful conversations, to maintain a strong voice in the dialogue on how to best protect the rights of older people globally.

Start a discussion or ask a question for the IFA and IFA members, below.

Disclaimer: By submitting a question or comment, you accept that IFA has the right to reproduce and publish that content in whole or in part, in any manner IFA chooses. Please note that opinions expressed here by members do not necessarily reflect IFA or its employees view. We reserve the right to close discussions at any time.


If you wish to get involved in shaping a world of healthy older people whose rights and choices are both protected and respected, the IFA invites you to spread the word by using our materials included in the links below.

IFA VoltAGE submission

The IFA recognize that its members and partners have a vast array of knowledge and expertise. We invite you to share with other members your thoughts on age-related matters, to start the conversation and ultimately shift the policies protecting the rights of older people. Please see our guidelines for content submission to our e-newsletter IFA VoltAGE.

    How to Send Us Your Content: We accept submissions only via our online submission form [Link to the form below].

    ​Problems Submitting Content: If you have any questions or needs assistance submitting content, please contact Mr. Wayne Nguyen at

    Content Types We Consider: We are always looking for the following age-related content types: articles, blog posts, case studies, how-tos, podcasts, presentations, research reports, templates, videos and webinars.

    Content Formats: All submissions should be in .doc, .docx, .pdf, .mp3, .mov, or .m4v format.

    Timing: We welcome submissions any time throughout the year.

    Response Time: Our response time depends on the current volume of submissions. We reserve the right to publish your content in accordance to the IFA’s interest.

    Methods of Attribution:

    • You can place your organization’s logo on the content in a manner that does not interrupt or mislead the reader.
    • Any mention of a specific company/organization should appear at the end of each content piece (mention of company should not be an ad or sales pitch).
    • Author name/credentials should be clearly displayed on the piece.

    Simultaneous Submissions: We accept content that has or will be published elsewhere, as well as content that hasn’t been previously published.

    Content Requirements:

    • All content published in the IFA VoltAGE needs to align with one or more of IFA’s positions 
    • Citations should appear in the footnotes section of the page in the following manner:
      • Last name, First initial. (Publication year, Month, Date) Document Title. Publication source. 
    • All submissions should be non-fiction, non-advertorial and well-researched.
    • All document submissions should include a description of 250 characters or less.
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