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AFC Initiative in Akita

The International Federation on Ageing is pleased to spotlight the work being done by the city of Akita, Japan in the Age-Friendly Cities Initiatives.

A member of the Age-Friendly Cities Initiatives since 2009, Akita was formally approved by the WHO to join the WHO Global Network of Age-Friendly Cities and Communities in 2011.

Since then AFC Akita has established two AFC action plans, as well as the Akita Age-Friendly City Partner Program – which partners with corporations and groups that promote an Age-Friendly spirit and take actions to help older people to lead easier and more comfortable lives – amongst many other initiatives.

Some of the results of the work being done by AFC Akita include:

  • A discounted fare system on public buses for older persons – the “One-Coin Bus Project”
  • A structure to help the public understand the goals of AFC Akita – “The Indicator For Akita Age-Friendly City”
  • The Akita Age-Friendly City Partner Program
  • Creation and support of ‘social participation’ activities for older persons residing in Akita

The ongoing work in Akita continues to benefit from the vision and support of Friends of the International Federation on Aging (FOIFA) – Japan led by Dr. Hisashi Hozumi. It is an independent non-profit organization working together with the International Federation on Ageing and other related NGOs and NPOs to meet the challenges of the ageing population in the world. The many success stories evident in Akita can in part be linked to the global experiences brought to Akita by FOIFA, however, it is clear that the relationship is symbiotic: the age-friendly world benefits by learning from the success stories evident throughout Akita.

To view a PowerPoint presentation about AFC Akita, please click here.


(Mayor Hozumi, Akita City)

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