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IFA Global Café – Past Session

DateIn conversation onSpeaker(s)RecordingResources
19 April 2024In conversation on Exploring the Ethical Imperative for Data Collection, Sharing, and MergingDr. Ad van BerloRecordingResources
12 April 2024In conversation on Ageism in the Era of Digital PlatformsDr. Andrea RosalesRecordingResources
5 April 2024In conversation on Age with Rights Campaign: Global RallyMs. Ellen Graham and Ms. Frances ZainoeddinRecordingResources
29 March 2024In conversation on The meaningful inclusion and participation of persons with dementia as part of community wellness programsDr. Laura Middleton and Mr. Bill HeibeinRecordingResources
22 March 2024In conversation on Engaging the Age-Friendly University global networkDr. M. Aaron GuestRecordingResources
15 March 2024In conversation on Redefining ageing: embracing wisdom as an opportunityProf. Vivian LouRecordingResources
8 March 2024In conversation on Inclusion of patients and care givers in policy developmentDr. Jane CarmodyRecordingResources
1 March 2024In conversation on Changing mindsets: let's make ear and hearing care a reality for all!Dr. Sue ArchboldRecordingResources
23 February 2024In conversation on Changing perspectives: age without limitsMs. Jo LoughranRecordingResources
16 February 2024In conversation on Intergenerational games and age-friendly environmentsMs. Anne Berit RafossRecordingResources
9 February 2024In conversation on Voice and meaningful engagement as part of multi-generational approachesMs. Stephanie de ChassyRecordingResources
2 February 2024In conversation on Leveraging digital technology to improve the social inclusion of older adultsProf. Lars Kayser and Ms. Emilie Kauffeld WegenerRecordingResources
26 January 2024In conversation on The changing perceptions of older adults in mass mediaMs. Nancy HodinRecordingResources
19 January 2024In conversation on Ageism and tourism: why the hospitality industry ignores the mature travelerMs. Adriane BergRecordingResources
12 January 2024In conversation on The intersection of healthy ageing and rehabilitationDr. Marla BeauchampRecordingResources
5 January 2024In conversation on The importance of measuring healthy ageing and the quality of life of older personsProf. Rowan HarwoodRecordingResources
22 December 2023In conversation on The importance of health policy and systems to strengthen rehabilitation for older personsProf. Walter R. FronteraRecordingResources
15 December 2023In conversation on Working on the edge: pushing boundaries and challenging the status quoDr. Jane BarrattRecordingResources
8 December 2023In conversation on The silver economy forumMs. Melissa Gong MitchellRecordingResources
1 December 2023In conversation on Housing and living standard impacts on older adults experiencesMr. Charles WaldegraveRecordingResources
24 November 2023In conversation on Transforming the future of ageingRegius Rose Anne KennyRecordingResources
17 November 2023In conversation on The prevention of financial abuse of older adultsMs. Bryan GilmartinRecordingResources
10 November 2023In conversation on Tackling RSV: raising awareness, driving preventionDr. Alan KaplanRecordingResources
3 November 2023In conversation on Improving social functioning in long-term care settingsDr. William SmithRecordingResources
27 October 2023In conversation on Health equity as we ageDr. Sridhar VenkatapuramRecordingResources
20 October 2023In conversation on Improving the health and quality of life of older adults through food and shared mealsProf. Heather KellerRecordingResources
13 October 2023In conversation on Vision health and ageingMs. Christina FasserRecordingResources
6 October 2023In conversation on The implementation of integrated care programs for older adultsDr Niamh Lennox-ChhuganiRecordingResources
29 September 2023In conversation on Changing the perception of older peopleDr. Gulnara Minnigaleeva and Ms. Moira AllanRecordingResources
22 September 2023In conversation on Climate change and older adultsDr. Ruth McDermott-LevyRecordingResources
15 September 2023In conversation on Designing dementia-inclusive spaces in long-term care settingsDr. Habib ChaudhuryRecordingResources
8 September 2023In conversation on Changing perspectives: lessons from an ageism awareness intervention in AustraliaMs. Joanna MaxwellRecordingResources
1 September 2023In conversation on Life-course approach to immunization to combat health inequitiesDr. Ryan MacFarlaneRecordingResources
25 August 2023In conversation on Gendered ageism: The double whammy of intersecting discrimination and how to address itMs. Peggy Edwards and Dr. Paula RochonRecordingResources
18 August 2023In conversation on Prevention of violence and abuse against older adultsMs. Marta HajekRecordingResources
11 August 2023In conversation on The future of Age-TechDr. Andrew SixsmithRecordingResources
4 August 2023In conversation on Education and advocacy to improve access to careMr. Seth GinsbergRecordingResources
28 July 2023In conversation on The future of Age-TechModerated SessionRecordingResources
21 July 2023In conversation on The evolution of geriatrics and the future of healthy ageing.Prof. Jean-Pierre MichelRecordingResources
14 July 2023In conversation on Understanding risk and exploring the impact of Shingles among older people.Dr. Vivien BrownRecordingResources
7 July 2023In conversation on Education and awareness initiatives to combat ageism.Prof. Liat AyalonRecordingResources
30 June 2023In conversation on Reclaiming the rights to live with dignity.Dr. Mark LachmannRecordingResources
23 June 2023In conversation on The situation of older persons in Nepal.Mr. Krishna GautumRecordingResources
16 June 2023In conversation on The challenges of ageing in low- and middle-income countries.Dr. Mark ClarfieldRecordingResources
9 June 2023In conversation on The power of conversation to dismantling ageism.Ryan BackerRecordingResources
2 June 2023In conversation on Advocacy strategies in protecting and respecting the rights of older adults across Australia.Mr. Craig Gear OAMRecordingResources
26 May 2023In conversation on Transforming lives in chronic illness through integrated community-based programmes.Dr. Noel McCaffreyRecordingResources
19 May 2023In conversation on Reforming the world of long-term care.Mr. Dan LevittRecordingResources
12 May 2023In conversation on Age-friendly health systems movement and the 4 M's.Ms. Leslie Pelton and Ms. KellyAnne PepinRecordingResources
5 May 2023In conversation on Understanding the definitions of mistreatment against older persons.Dr. Marie BeaulieuRecordingResources
28 April 2023In conversation on The work of the Immunization Agenda 2030 (IA2030) Strategic Priority 4 working group - Life course integration.Dr. Laura Nic Lochlainn and Dr. Aaron WallaceRecordingResources
21 April 2023In conversation on Why do we need person centred care beyond a care philosophy in the care of older persons?Prof. Yun-Hee JeonRecordingResources
14 April 2023In conversation on Increasing uptake of vaccination: applying behavioural sciences and opportunities for action.Ms. Lisa MenningRecordingResources
7 April 2023In conversation on Let's stop boxing older people in.Dr. John BeardRecordingResources
31 March 2023In conversation on Supporting cities and communities in being age-friendly environments.Dr. Thiago Hérick de SáRecordingResources
24 March 2023In conversation on Leadership in transforming the way we provide long-term care.Dr. Nancy SwangerRecordingResources
17 March 2023In conversation on The 2023 vision for the Decade platform.Kazuki YamadaRecordingResources
10 March 2023In conversation on Making communities more age-friendly in Wales: Tackling ageism and abuse.Heléna HerklotsRecordingResources
3 March 2023In conversation on Leadership in the field of caregiver health and well being.Prof. Vivian LouRecordingResources
24 February 2023In conversation on Acceleration of usage of 65+ in digital services through industry engagementDr. Michal Halperin Ben ZviRecordingResources
17 February 2023In conversation on Leadership in long-term care and models to support older people who live in resource-constrained countries and
Dr. Leon GeffenRecordingResources
10 February 2023In conversation on Making Ear and Hearing Care a Reality for Older Adults.Dr. Kathy Pichora-FullerRecordingResources
3 February 2023In conversation on Improving Older People's Mental Health, People Living with Dementia, and Their Caregivers.Dr. Tomás LeónRecordingResources
27 January 2023In conversation on Lifelong Learning in the Healthy Ageing Discourse.Ms. Eileen Sweeney and Ms. Celine ClarkeRecordingResources
20 January 2023In conversation on Fostering Healthy Ageing at Home.Dr. Suzanne Dupuis-BlanchardRecordingResources
13 January 2023In conversation on GM Ageing Hub: Age-Friendly Environments in the Greater Manchester Region.Mr. Paul McGarryRecordingResources
6 January 2023In conversation on The future of Aged Care in Australia.Ms. Patricia SparrowRecordingResources
23 December 2022In conversation on 2022 Retrospective.Mr. Greg ShawRecordingResources
16 December 2022In conversation on Overturning The Ageist Preconceptions In Eastern Africa. Mr. Kenneth MugayehwenkyiRecordingResources
9 December 2022In conversation on Health Equity, Disability, and Older Adults.Mr. Darryl BarrettRecordingResources
2 December 2022In conversation on Developing and Piloting the WHO Integrated Care for Older People (ICOPE) Framework and Tools.Ms. Ninie WangRecordingResources
25 November 2022In conversation on "A Panoramic Vision on Long Term Care in Brazil: Challenges and Perspectives.Dr. Karla GiacominRecordingResources
18 November 2022In conversation on Age on Trial.Ms. George LeeRecordingResources
11 November 2022In conversation on From COVID-19 to Climate Change: Can public health ethics ais in a more equitable inclusion of older adults?Prof. Ross UpshurRecordingResources
4 November 2022In conversation on The transformation of the culture of innovation in technology and ageingProf. Alex MihailidisRecordingResources
28 October 2022In conversation on This Age Thing: Our Future Starts TodayMr. Colum LoweRecordingResources
21 October 2022In conversation on Social Innovations: From Silver Economy to Creative Ageing.Dr. Andrzej KlimczukRecordingResources
14 October 2022In Conversation on Undoing Ageism through the Power of Media.Ms. Charlotte ChisoniRecordingResources
30 September 2022In Conversation on Healthy Ageing and Art as a Medium for Happiness in Medical and Aged Care Facilities.Mr. Ayuk Eyong ChristianRecordingResources
23 September 2022In Conversation on Healthy Ageing and Opportunities in the Middle East and Africa Region.Prof. Shereen HusseinRecordingResources
16 September 2022In Conversation on The Importance of Socioeconomic Inequalities on Hearing Health in Later Life.Dr. Dalia TsimpidaRecordingResources
9 September 2022In Conversation on the impact of social integration on longevity and healthy ageing.Prof. Claudia Trudel-Fitzgerald.RecordingResources
2 September 2022In Conversation on developing supportive platforms to combat social isolation and improve quality of life older people.Ms. Dina Hashish and Dr. Menna ShawkatRecordingResources
26 August 2022In Conversation on combatting ageism through education and intergenerational activities.Ms. Amber ColibabaRecordingResources
19 August 2022In Conversation on advocating for the Rights of older adults in lower, middle-income countries.Mr. Vijay NaraidooRecordingResources
12 August 2022In Conversation with IFA's United Nations RepresentativesIFA's United Nations RepresentativesRecordingResources
5 August 2022In Conversation on the impact of storytelling on isolation in older adults.Mr. Victor Kuperman and Ms. Nancy Siciliana.RecordingResources
29 July 2022In Conversation on person centered care and the seniors' outdoor activation toolkit.Ms. Jane Teasdale and Ms. Jayne ArmstrongRecordingResources
22 July 2022In Conversation on disruptingageism through art and creativity.Mr. Jordan EvansRecordingResources
15 July 2022In Conversation on Equity in information systems and addressing the Digital Divide.Dr. Milena HeadRecordingResources
17 June 2022In Conversation on We are under the same sky: Settlement experiences for older refugees.Dr. Alistair HunterRecordingResources
10 June 2022In Conversation on Ageing in place: The words, the idea, and the concept.Dr. Thomas O. MottlRecordingResources
3 June 2022In Conversation on Dementia program: Best practice caregiving finding program that works.
Dr David Bass and Ms Kathy KellyRecordingResources
27 May 2022In Conversation on A close look at extreme poverty among older people.Mr Owasim AkramRecordingResources
20 May 2022In Conversation on Language and ageing: In health and following brain damage.Dr Jacqueline StarkRecordingResources
13 May 2022In Conversation on Addressing inequalities through multidisciplinary innovation.Dr Cynthia BullockRecordingResources
6 May 2022In Conversation on Older people of Ukraine in the time of the Russian invasion.Dr Alexandre SidorenkoRecordingResources
29 April 2022In Conversation with Dr Jennifer Nuzzo
Professor of Epidemiology and Inaugural Director of the Pandemic Center at Brown University School of Public Health
Dr Jennifer NuzzoRecordingResources
22 April 2022In Conversation with Dr Champion N. Nyoni
Senior Researcher, School of Nursing, University of the Free State
Dr Champion N. NyoniRecordingResources
8 April 2022In Conversation with Dr Nereide Alhena Curreri
Gerontologist, PhD in Dementia Studies
Dr Nereide Alhena CurreriRecordingResources
1 April 2022In Conversation with Dr Srinivas Marmamula
Associate Director - Public Health Research and Training at L V Prasad Eye Institute (LVPEI)
Dr Srinivas MarmamulaRecordingResources
25 March 2022In Conversation with Dr Laura Nyblade
Fellow and Senior Technical Advisor on stigma and discrimination in the division for global health, RTI International
Dr Laura NybladeRecordingResources
18 March 2022In Conversation with Ms Janelle McFarlane
Executive Director Regional Leader at Hall and Prior Aged Care and Health Services
Ms Janelle McFarlaneRecordingResources
11 March 2022In Conversation with Dr Matthew Lariviere
Lecturer in Social Policy at the University of Bristol
Dr Matthew LariviereRecordingResources
4 March 2022In Conversation with Ms Robyn Widenmeier and Mr Dan ClowMs Robyn Widenmeier and Mr Dan ClowRecordingResources
25 February 2022In Conversation with Mr Jaco Hoffman and Mr Lefhoko KesamangMr Jaco Hoffman and Mr Lefhoko KesamangRecordingResources
18 February 2022In Conversation with Dr Ingrid Eyers
Affiliate Professor, the Networking and Intergenerational Advisor for the Global Center on Ageing at University of Maryland, Baltimore County
Dr Ingrid EyersRecordingResources
11 February 2022In Conversation with Ms Mary Fridley
Co-creator and Leader of The Joy of Dementia
Coordinator of Reimaging Dementia
Ms Mary FridleyRecordingResources
4 February 2022In Conversation with Ms Sarah Bird
CEO of Timebanking UK
Ms Sarah BirdRecordingResources
28 January 2022In Conversation with Mr Darrel O'Shaughnessy
Chair of Greater Arnprior Senior's Council
Mr Darrel O'ShaughnessyRecordingResources
21 January 2022In Conversation with Dr Siobhan O'Sullivan
Lecturer in Social Policy in the School of Applied Social Studies, University College Cork
Dr Siobhan O'SullivanRecordingResources
14 January 2022In Conversation with Dr Marie Beaulieu
Co-Director, WHO Collaborative Centre, Age Friendly Communities/Elder Abuse
Dr Marie BeaulieuRecordingResources
17 December 2021In Conversation with Mr David Stoller
Director, Community Engagement at Rendever
Mr David StollerRecordingResources
10 December 2021In Conversation with Mr Jeffrey Walimbwa Wambaya
Program Manager at Ishtar-MSM
Mr Jeffrey Walimbwa WambayaRecordingResources
3 December 2021In Conversation with Mr Simon Bottery
Senior Fellow, Social Care at The King's Fund
Mr Simon BotteryRecordingResources
26 November 2021In Conversation with Ms Elina Ikavalko and Ms Anna LawsonMs Elina Ikavalko and Ms Anna LawsonRecordingResources
19 November 2021In Conversation with Dr Andrea Holzner
Practicing Gerontologist; Global speaker on Rural Aging
Dr Andrea HolznerRecordingResources
5 November 2021In Conversation with Mr Jim Vanden Bosch
Filmmaker, Founder and Executive Director of Terra Nova Films
Mr Jim Vanden BoschRecordingResources
29 October 2021In Conversation with Mr Graeme Prior
President, International Federation on Ageing
Co-founder and CEO of Hall & Prior
Mr Graeme PriorRecordingResources
22 October 2021In Conversation with Ms Amanda O’Rourke
Executive Director 8 80 Cities
Ms Amanda O’RourkeRecordingResources
15 October 2021In Conversation with Ms Helena Herklots
Older People’s Commissioner for Wales
Ms Helena HerklotsRecordingResources
8 October 2021In Conversation with Mr James Appleby
CEO of The Gerontological Society of America
Mr James ApplebyRecordingResources
1 October 2021In Conversation with Dr. Sharon Beery
Program Manager at Objective Area Solutions, Human and Organizational Learning Specialist
Dr. Sharon BeeryRecordingResources
24 September 2021In Conversation with Dr Marcia Ory and Dr Matthew Lee Smith
Texas A&M Center for Population Health and Aging
Dr Marcia Ory and Dr Matthew Lee SmithRecordingResources
17 September 2021In Conversation with Dr Toni Miles
Professor of Epidemiology, University of Georgia College of Public Health
Dr Toni MilesRecordingResources
10 September 2021In Conversation with Dr Vipan Nikore
CEO and Co-Founder of Homecare Hub
Chief Medical Director of TD Bank Globally
Dr Vipan NikoreRecordingResources
3 September 2021In Conversation with Ms Lisa Levin
CEO at AdvantAge Ontario
Ms Lisa LevinRecordingResources
27 August 2021In Conversation with Ms Natalie Turner
Head of Localities, Centre for Ageing Better UK
Ms Natalie TurnerRecordingResources
20 August 2021In Conversation with Mr Mathew Cherian
Chairperson of CARE India
Mr Mathew CherianRecordingResources
19 August 2021In Conversation with Dr. Penny Hartin
Chief Executive Officer, World Blind Union (Retd.)
Dr. Penny HartinRecordingResources
13 August 2021In Conversation with Mr Martin Polenz
Lead of the Arnsberg's Department of Future Aging
Mr Martin PolenzRecordingResources
6 August 2021In Conversation with Dr Christopher Mikton
Technical Officer at the World Health Organization
Dr Christopher MiktonRecordingResources
30 July 2021In Conversation on Living and dying on the streets: the Canadian perspective on palliative care for people experiencing homelessness.Dr Naheed DosaniRecordingResources
23 July 2021In Conversation on The role of culture and community in recognizing diversity and fostering inclusion among older immigrants and other traditionally underrepresented populations.Mr Kahir LaljiRecordingResources
16 July 2021In Conversation on Advocacy in Action: Lessons learned through the UN-Habitat Community of Practice.Dr Katherine KlineRecordingResources
15 July 2021In Conversation with Ms. Kimberley Hanson Executive Director of Federal Affairs, Diabetes CanadaMs. Kimberley HansonRecordingResources
9 July 2021In Conversation on The role of advocacy and engagement in creating an age-friendly world.Ms Julia WadouxRecordingResources
2 July 2021In Conversation on Hearing health in later life - The role of lifestyle factors on hearing loss?Dr Dalia TsimpidaRecordingResources
25 June 2021In Conversation on Recoding a longevity society: what risk without compassion?Mr Mark VenningRecordingResources
18 June 2021In Conversation on The importance of evaluation in the growth of age-friendly communities.Dr Sara Ulla DíezRecordingResources
17 June 2021In Conversation with Ms. Gráinne Flynn CoFounder Thriveabetes Diabetes Ireland Volunteer Advocate, on Enabling Self-Management of Diabetes Through TechnologyMs. Gráinne FlynnRecordingResources
11 June 2021In Conversation on Equity by design: catalyzing action and driving change in the built environment.Ms Stephanie FirestoneRecordingResources
4 June 2021In Conversation on How gender and cultural issues (both societal and biomedical) affect the cognition and the brain.Dr Gillian EinsteinRecordingResources
28 May 2021In Conversation on international human rights law with particular emphasis on health law to old people.Mr Javier VasquezRecordingResources
21 May 2021In Conversation on The Decade of Healthy Ageing Digital Platform: A vehicle for change.Mr Kazuki YamadaRecordingResources
14 May 2021In Conversation on Social justice, racial harmony, and the contributions of older people.Mr Suresh RajanRecordingResources
7 May 2021In Conversation on The role of civil society at the United NationsDr. Cynthia StuenRecordingResources
6 May 2021In Conversation with Prof. Richard Gale
Consultant Medical Ophthalmologist and Clinical Director, York Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
Prof. Richard GaleRecordingResources
30 April 2021In Conversation on How to enhance smart living and e-health care need for old people.Dr. Ad van BerloRecordingResources
29 April 2021In Conversation with Prof. Tariq Aslam
Professor of Ophthalmology and Interface Technologies, University of Manchester Consultant Ophthalmologist, Manchester Royal Eye Hospital
Prof. Tariq AslamRecordingResources
23 April 2021In Conversation on Identify interventions and models of health care delivery.Dr. Katherine McGiltonRecordingResources
16 April 2021In Conversation on The hidden epidemic of drug use among older people.Mr. Bernard LeroyRecordingResources
9 April 2021In Conversation on The lessons and actions from the 11th session of the UN Open-ended working group on ageing.Ms. Margaret GillisRecordingResources
2 April 2021In Conversation on The critical roles of geriatric nursing, and how professionals need to focus on education of health to improve the future care of older people.Dr. Tara A. CortesRecordingResources
1 April 2021In Conversation with Dr Medha Munshi
Director of Joslin Geriatric Diabetes Programs
Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
Associate Professor of Medicine Harvard Medical School
Dr. Medha MunshiRecordingResources
26 March 2021In Conversation on Plans of action to counter elder abuse and mistreatment.Dr. Marie BeaulieuRecordingResources
19 March 2021In Conversation on How ageism has led to the nursing home crisis amid the pandemicMs. Katie Smith SloanRecordingResources
12 March 2021In Conversation on person-centred care responsive to the needs of older adults during the COVID-19 pandemic.Dr. Bei WuRecordingResources
5 March 2021In Conversation on Addressing changes and challenges in the world of work for older persons globally.Dr. Xenia Scheil-AdlungRecordingResources
26 February 2021In Conversation on Enhancing the quality of life of older women in rural communities through empowerment education.Dr. Olive BryantonRecordingResources
25 February 2021Diabetes Alert! Series: In Conversation with Dr. David Chaney: Assistant Director for Local Impact, Diabetes UKDr. David ChaneyRecordingResources
19 February 2021In Conversation on Addressing challenges older women face in the workplace.Dr. Pat ArmstrongRecordingResources
12 February 2021In Conversation on Preventing the effects of loneliness and social isolation for older personsDr. Kiran RabheruRecordingResources
5 February 2021In Conversation on Ensuring food security for older persons as an important UN sustainable development goal (SDG)Ms. Enid BordenRecordingResources
29 January 2021In Conversation on Psychosocial impact of the pandemic on older personsDr. Sonia MukhtarRecordingResources
22 January 2021In Conversation on Doulas for older persons in palliative care settingsDr. Marian KrawczykRecordingResources
15 January 2021In Conversation with Dr. Ross Upshur
Canadian Bioethics and Professor
Dr. Ross UpshurRecordingResources
8 January 2021In Conversation with Dr Claudia Mahler
Independent Expert on the enjoyment of all human rights by older persons
Dr. Claudia MahlerRecordingResources
18 December 2020COVID-19 and Older People: Overcoming Challenges in Adult Influenza ImmunizationsProf. Parvaiz KoulRecordingResources
11 December 2020Paving the Way to OEWGA11 in Conversation with ExpertsH.E. Ms. María del Carmen Squeff Ambassador of Argentina to the UN and H.E. Mr. Francisco Duarte Lopes Ambassador of Portugal to the UNRecordingResources
4 December 2020COVID-19 and Older People:
Challenges and Opportunities for Promoting Healthy Ageing
Prof. Tara KeckRecordingResources
27 November 2020COVID-19 and Older People:
Hearing Loss and Communication Accessibility
Prof. Kathleen Pichora-Fuller and Ms. Marilyn ReedRecordingResources
20 November 2020COVID-19 and Older People:
Maximizing the Longevity Dividend
Mr. David SinclairRecordingResources
13 November 2020COVID-19 and Older People:
A Rights-based Approach to Palliative Care
Dr. Katherine PettusRecording
6 November 2020COVID-19 and Older People:
Lessons on Quality of Care and Building Design in Long-term Care
Mr. Greg ShawRecordingResources
30 October 2020COVID-19 and Older People:
The Humanity of Death and Bereavement
Dr. Alexandre KalacheRecordingResources
23 October 2020COVID-19 and Older People:
The Urgent Need to Improve the Lives of Older Persons in the Wake of a Public Health Crisis
Mr. Dan LevittRecordingResources
16 October 2020COVID-19 and Older People:
Good Practices in Programmes and Policy Responses in Singapore that Respect the Rights of Older Persons
Ms. Thelma KayRecordingResources
9 October 2020COVID-19 and Older People:
Resilience of Older Persons in Africa
Dr. Emem OmokaroRecordingResources
2 October 2020COVID-19 and Older People:
Addressing Inequalities of Older LGBTQ People in the Global North
Mr. Michael Adams and Ms. Samantha EdmondsRecording Resources
25 September 2020COVID-19 and Older People:
Demographic Resilience in Times of Crisis
Ms. Marta Diavolova, Ms. Lela Bakradze, Mr. Zelijko Blagojevic, Mr. Eduard MihalisRecordingResources
18 September 2020COVID-19 and Older People:
The Meningitis Tracker to Drive Change
Mr. Rob Dawson and Ms. Linda GlennieRecordingResources
11 September 2020COVID-19 and Older People:
A Canadian Roadmap to Age-inclusiveness
Ms. Laura Tamblyn WattsRecordingResources
4 September 2020COVID-19 and Older People:
What it Takes to be an Advocate
Ms. Silvia Perel-LevinRecordingResources
27 August 2020COVID-19 and Older People:
Humanitarian Responses in the Middle East
Ms. Sameena GulRecording Resources
21 August 2020COVID-19 and Older People:
Opportunities to Combat Ageism
Dr. Jane Carmody and Mr. James ApplebyRecording Resources
14 August 2020COVID-19 and Older People:
Ageism in the Health Workforce
Ms. Soosmita SinhaRecording Resources
7 August 2020COVID-19 and Older People:
Older Women in Crisis Settings
Dr. Julitta OnabanjoRecording Resources
30 July 2020A Conversation on Global COVID-19: Emergency and the Experience of Older People, Rethinking Humanitarian SettingsMr. Ricardo Pla Cordero, Ms. Anna Tiefensee, and Ms. Elicia RobertsonRecording Resources
24 July 2020What's Next? Building “forward” better and accelerating progress: Elevating older persons at the United NationsMr. Rio Hada and Ms. Amal Abou RafehRecording Resources
17 July 2020COVID-19 and Older People:
Through the Eyes of the Janaseva Foundation
Dr. Vinod ShahRecording Resources
10 July 2020COVID-19 and Older People:
Essential Conversations in Times of Crisis
Dr. Amy D'AprixRecordingResources
3 July 2020COVID-19 and Older People:
Transition from Crisis to Routine
Ms. Irina LipskiRecordingResources
26 June 2020COVID-19 and Older People:
The Future of Volunteers
Ms. Ruth MarksRecording Resources
19 June 2020COVID-19 and Older People:
Preventing and Protecting Against Elder Abuse in a Pandemic
Ms. Kimberly WhaleyRecording Resources
12 June 2020COVID-19 and Older People:
Grandparenting in a Pandemic
Dr. Peggy EdwardsRecording Resources
5 June 2020COVID-19 and Older People:
A Threat to Person-centered Care?
Dr. Daren HeylandRecording Resources
29 May 2020COVID-19 and Older People:
Technology and Innovation as Enablers
Ms. Grace Chan and Mr. Simon K Y WongRecording Resources
22 May 2020COVID-19 and Older People:
Facts and Fiction in Communication
Mr. Peter Evans and Mr. Eli SingerRecording Resources
15 May 2020COVID-19 and Older People:
Lessons Learned in the Long-term Care Setting
Mr. Graeme PriorRecordingResources
8 May 2020COVID-19 and Older People:
An Age-friendly Perspective
Ms. Catherine McGuiganRecordingResources
24 April 2020COVID-19 and Older People:
The Urgency in Low and Middle Income Countries
Dr. Alexandre KalacheRecordingResources
3 April 2020COVID-19 Global Effects on Older PeopleDr. John BeardRecordingResources
1 May 2020COVID-19 and Older People:
A Human Rights Perspective
Ms. Peggy HicksRecording Resources
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